Chopped : Liver

neat poems

“I feel like what I like about the poem, and most if not all of the poems I write, will start to fall away by trying to explain how they came about.”

Dan Magers

I love cartoons but the internet

really changed the way people masturbate

It’s an exquisite aesthetic and spiritual experience

Just like the dreamy lovelorn paganism of a neon cross

Art crowds will get fussy about encountering

an S&M bar with whipped businessmen

and masturbating Santas

but what else can you do when most kids

aren’t allowed to watch R rated films

It’s proving to be a slow process

trying to sell my body to science

in the last days of a dying empire 

Are the End Times finally at hand?

I actually do a lot more than simply sit in the corner

forlornly eating chips

Also, may I add, it is with deep sense of purpose

and utmost sincerity that I assure you of my honesty

and trustworthiness

There is no need to fear

What’s the point in setting out

to be a dysfunctional bureaucrat of systematic torture

Be more sexy—it’s not going to kill you

Pretend your hands are guns and blow smoke

out of their imaginary barrels

I write these few lines merely to tell you that Frankenstein

was a story about dreams being realized

That’s all he had, poor thing

pale and misanthropic

he was a cornball and a square

a good dancer who would never be great

On a semi-related side note

Einstein was smooth like a cue-ball

and almost ended up starting World War… like 17

Everybody likes love triangles but they get sort of boring

because your mind doesn’t work

the way people want their minds to work

What you see instead is a cardboard box

with a smile painted on the side


this t-shirt feels like a prison.
I don’t want to die unhappy.
flocking crows undress in unison.
my thighs refuse to do taxes.
lunch meat is incredibly strong.
my hands have no faces.
underwhelming evidence permeates mitosis.
I’ve been done with sleeping.
neither nor or more dwindles side saddle.
my hair perches gravity’s loneliness.
I don’t want to die unhappy.

Enchanted Castle


Hands on hips
Time is moving very strangely
The bouncer and the cook flirt with each other
Men thrust into pinball
Fat couple with their stomachs on the table
Behind the spiky dandelion blonde leather squad
Hypnotic tiger patch rargh 
What are all those keys on your belt for?
Safety deposit boxes? 

We’ve a lot to learn from my enemies

Take, for example dressing up humdrum pieces

with the promise of boobs or red-hot anger

and chanting lyrics that challenge parental authority

I think my brain is just, like, ruined

My senses don’t work well

Like a certain other bald, pudgy celebrity 

I love telling crazy stories even though

I’m uneasy with experiences and expression

So this retro hallucination is expected


I’m a very optimistic and enthusiastic person

I guess I started getting interested in girls, what have you

I’ve been in love with other social medias before

But this time it’s different because blah blah blah

I spend a lot of time watching my newsfeed

Some people singing, some people talking to themselves

a lot of communication going on with nothing, no one to hear

Besides I wasn’t popular 

My message isn’t exactly a wide-open confessional as yet

Glitches can occur and sometimes that means 

at night I could be hopeless, drunk, an imbecile


Oh the world is, you know, a cosmos

Babies can scream for days but never go hoarse

Its own minimalistic psychedelia

it touches us in ways that we don’t understand

I spend an irrational amount of time in my

immersive flying-whale fantasy world

A lot of people have difficulty making

the connection between bananas, dolphins,

Miley Cyrus and Ryan Gosling

They treat us to the voices that enlarge

and enrich our own individual humanities

I’ve been a very-emotional listener since long before

I figured out what my ears were


I think anyone can put you in a trance

In drunken conversations, late night parties, trips to the woods

which I believe is the optimal environment for something like this

What about people’s psychological problems?

Screamers are the obvious choice since I married one of them

But it’s a bogus badge of honor

Let me provide some background for the sake of illustration

Go get a camera and take two pictures of the same thing

if there really were types of people 

Either you control them or they control you

What about when the spiritual thoughts of celebrities take over your life

filled with tales about exes and one-night stands

basements, old garages, dumpsters, derelict buildings,

wilderness cabins, ditches beside the train tracks?

It has all the makings of a messy mid-life meltdown

Total Vacuum

When we’re really talking about the circus
what do we mean?
They force you to get out of bed
They force you to smile

With the tragedy thing I realized
The forces of creation and destruction
lay in the binding and unbinding of a woman’s hair
Narcissism was the foundation for creativity

And then there’s a moment to remember
those who died or sacrificed for us to carry on
through a series of increasingly pathetic con jobs
And they had to do this in a total vacuum